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I've been listening to Muse and Brand New on shuffle all day while I'm working. If I wasn't in such a great mood I'm sure I'd be in danger from exposure to near fatal levels of angst. *cackle*

As it is, I've been working on a TMNT RP game for the Recovery Sunday posse, which started out as light whimsical fun and has become progressively more dark and sinister. *chuckle* Not exactly what I intended to write, but good anyway. I'll leave the superficial levels of whimsy there, so they can just play a bubblegum game if they like, safe in the knowledge that there's many layers of depth beneath if they decide to scratch through the surface.

Have you seen Lickorishlatex in Bizarre magazine this month? And in a competition on their website. *beam*

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Awwww, Jo has just tried on her finished skullkadot dress, and says its the best piece of rubber she has ever worn! :)

Not bad for my first dress, made from scratch. And I mean scratch! (I've even gone back and made my own blocks from principles because cloth blocks make shit latex.)

Thats three separate people in the last few weeks who have told me my latex is the best they've ever worn! One Email from a customer, one person in a club, and now Jo. Who frankly is the most likely person in the world to tell me in great detail if there is anything not exactly right. *cackle*

Touch me! :D Allegedly I'm great!

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I hope Rupert Murdoch carries on "La la la!"ing and demanding we uninvent the internet long enough to go bankrupt!

That would be sweet!

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Brand New's new album "Daisy" is out on Spotify today.

Its great, but really not what I was expecting...

They're about to come on a world tour, and I was hoping it would be a crunching/wrenching maelstrom of an album to drive them round the world, but these first few tracks are more of a navel gazing introspective piece, better enjoyed in a darkened room.

Ahhh, thats better. Its getting much heavier as its going on.

Ya know, this is why the major labels don't like illegally downloaded music.

Its not that they think every track downloaded is a lost sale, thats just spin. Its the lack of influence they can have on the success of their bands. Since music started getting shared around (which is far more a try before you buy ethic than the big labels will ever admit to), their marketting $$ have much less influence on the success of an album or band, than the quality of the music.

Its like the directors this summer complaining that people are sending texts to friends panning bad films while they're watching them, which is causing a loss in cinema seat sales. Speechless! How about not whining that your millions spent on marketting is being undermined by peer reviews, and making some fucking original films you twats!

From here on in, talent counts. And I fucking love it!

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hehehe I love the advertising slogan for Fallen Earth. The post-apocalyptic mmorpg/fps.

"Lose the tights, bury your crystals, and quit playing with your wand...
Welcome to the Apocalypse


Although I'm really enjoying Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic at the mo, which is about £7 on steam nowadays. Its so much cheaper getting games a while after they've been out, but I do worry that they based this xkcd strip on my life. >.<  

Bradford Gasworks

Hello Livejournal! :D

Well, last night was fun, in a break from the norm kind of way, if not actually fun in itself. *cackle* Me, Mark and Scot went to Gasworks in Bradford.

The company was ace and we had a laugh, but the venue wasn't as good as I expected. How has a venue thats only been open for a matter of months become so run-down and seedy already? I'm sure Bradford just has some kind of pervasive decaying aura, and anything (or one) there for very long just degrades.

There was a Kiss tribute band on at the start of the night. Usually this is an impedement to the evening, that you just drink through and wait for the club to begin, but this was actually the highlight of the club. Yeah ok, the band were reasonably good, but the bar wasn't set very high.

Thinking about it, we met up in the Parish for a drink before heading over, and as usual it was a thriving hum of vibrant alternative activity. How can a pub in Huddersfield be so so much better than a Friday night in the only alternative club in Bradford? Which just had an air of embarressingly drunk older work colleague.

I didn't drink overly much, or spend all evening in the smoking area, but this morning I feel like I'm half way through a bout of flue, or smoked 80 fags last night. Its not something I'd describe as a hangover, but its probably the decaying effect on the soul, of spending a night in Bradford.

I love Huddersfield. The alternative club scene is stunted, but its not fucking Bradford!

waspy musings


The other day a small wasp misadventured its way into my living room. Not an issue these days with my phobia worn down to practical non-existence.

The peculiar thing was that instead of dive-bombing into the glass that covers about a quarter of a fairly considerable wall, as most flying stuff tends to do, it was persistantly banging against an area of ceiling.

I thought it was quite strange at the time, but couldn't think of a sensible reason for it doing this apart from the fact that it was a tiny, so assumably young wasp. But then this suggests all sorts of things like that wasps have intelligence and some kind of mental development. I've been musing over this on and off for the last week or so, and have just noticed that there is a wasps nest in the wall two floors up from my flat, directly above the area the wasp was determinedly bashing into!

Wasps must have some mad 3D gps spacial awareness skillz!

(Much preferable than fitting mental development, or that some wasps are just silly, into my mental definition of Wasp.)